2014 Topics
 Most sessions are from 9 am to noon
Requested donation: $45 ($25 for financial hardship or students)
Nov. 1: John  Steele, "Opening the Heart of Compassion: A One Day Mindfulness Meditation Workshop and Retreat." Note that this session will be 6 hrs, from 9 am to 3 pm and the suggested donation is $75 (or what you can afford). Please bring a brown bag lunch. RSVP to John@psychotherapyinboulder.com
The following skills will be taught and practiced:

Mental noting of thinking

Specific labeling of thoughts and feelings

Separating the story from the felt sensations

Engaging deeply with emotions through touch and go practice

Expanded touch and go with acknowledging, allowing and accommodating

Compassionate abiding or Tonglen (sending-receiving practice)

Body scan, mindful movement, sitting meditation, mindful eating