August 29, 2015  

Flags4Vets, the National Flags for Veterans Graves program, is pleased to announce the FlagsAcrossAmerica program in a partnership with the Good Sam RV Club. Flags4Vets has set the very ambitious goal of placing flags on Veterans’ graves in all 50 states across America. However, because it often costs as much to ship grave flags as it does to buy them; we are only able to purchase half as many flags.

The FlagsAcrossAmerica program will incorporate the mission of Flags4Vets with the wanderlust and generosity of the Good Sam organization and its Members by enlisting RV owners from each state to take possession of a bundle of grave flags, if they pledge to transport those flags to cemeteries in their communities for placement on Veterans’ graves.
For information not covered by this webpage, call Fred Moore at (502) 931-0374.